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Sisters, Lisa White and Valerie White, positioned as oldest and youngest of seven siblings are the "Book Ends." Bookends are two strong supports  working as a unit to assist in keeping treasured pieces collected and attainable. By design, this definition symbolizes the experience they hope their attendees have at their Book Ends speaking engagements! 


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Our parents Rose & Garland

Rose & Garland were dedicated to raising seven babies on their SW Wisconsin farm. They passed many wonderful characteristics onto their kids, including strong work ethic, creativity, independence, kindness, and the joy of laughter!


The Vision

We have visited the idea of creating a space to empower others since 2006, In January of 2020, we put our ideas to pen and paper, launching the Book Ends. Since then, you can only imagine the fun we have as sisters working together!

Balancing Beam

The Book Ends Mission

Be Insightful

Be Resilient

Be Self-Composed

Be Purposeful 

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